Friday, April 20, 2007

Feedback from Lauren P, Author of "Nooch's Net Nook"

All of your blogs provide thorough and concise analyses of "The Office" and the gender stereotypes present in the show. In your blog entitled, "Violence as a Technique of Social Control in 'The Office,'" you present a solid thesis, and continue your analysis by providing multiple detailed examples from various episodes; you manage to remain concise and clear throughout the entry.

I enjoyed your most recent blog entry, "Violence as a Technique of Social Control;" the topic of analysis was specific and original. In your analysis on violence in "The Office," the reader learned how gender stereotypes are directly connected with social controls such as violence. For your final blog post, you could analyze other specific aspects in "The Office" which are connected with gender stereotypes. You could also compare how gender roles and stereotypes are enforced in the show, and how it compares/contrasts with the real business/office environment.

Your topic is the subject of analysis in all posts, with the exception of the post about "Girls Next Door."

Your blog posts reveal that you are well-informed on your blog topic. Your detailled examples infer that you have watched the episodes, most likely for entertainment. You also mentioned that it is one of your favorite T.V. shows in the post, "Hegemonic Messages in The Office."

Your blog posts are entertaining and insightful; you present your theses for each post clearly and concisely. You focus on gender as your primary category of analysis; however you also analyze sexual stereotypes such as in "Gay Witch Hunt." I like how you acknowledge stereotypes like these in addition to gender stereotypes.

As I have already mentioned, all of your posts are concise and clear. You never stray from the argument you are trying to make in your post. In "Violence as a Social Control," you clearly present the thesis, and then support your thesis by presenting examples of both physical and verbal violence.

The sources you cite are revelant to your blog topic, help to further prove and solidify your arguments in each of your blog posts.

You use quotes from a broad range of course readings from the semester, showing your ability to draw from articles of various subjects, and then tailor it to apply to your own blog topic.

In your most recent post, you use a quote by Kupers; I thought that this quote in particular clearly supported your argument. It is difficult to find quotes from the sources that directly apply to our blog topics. I feel that you successfully utilized the sources provided.

I thought it was great when you also focused on discrimination and stereotypes other than gender, such as the discrimination of homosexuals in "Gay Witch Hunt" and the subordination of males by males, such as the situation between Michael and Dwight. It shows that you remain open minded and are analyzing your topic not only through a gendered lens, but through other lens as well.

I didn't find anything about your blog to be confusing; I feel that your blogs always get right to the point without straying from your thesis.

You're really great at providing examples from the show that vividly depict the essence of your argument. By providing these examples, the reader can comprehend your argument better.

Your blog is great, but maybe you could post some more video clips of the episodes that you mention in each of your posts. It may be fun and insightful for the reader to view the clip before or after reading your analyses. Also, maybe you could ponder over whether "The Office" is enforcing or mocking stereotypes, or both.